Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol and Furan Resin Co.,Ltd.
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Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol and Furan Resin Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise invested and constructed by Hebei Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol International Co., Ltd. The annual output of Furfural counts to over 35,000 MT, Furfuryl Alcohol 30,000MT, Sodium Acetate 5000MT and Furan Resin 30,000MT each year .It is one of the biggest furan chemical enterprise in China Possesses 112,500,00 yuan of fixed asset, covers an area of 98,700M2, the building area is 12,800 M2 The company now employs 650 staffs, including 250 graduates from college and 51 engineers and 18 economic experts.It has Hebei Furfural and Furfuryl ALcohol International co.,Ltd. and Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural & Furfuryl Alcohol Co,Ltd.(Factory) and Hebei Furan Resin Chemical Co.(Factory).The technical force of company is powerful, the test means is perfect and the production equipment is excellent.

The company is located in the middle of Huabei plain, Transportation here is very convenient with Beijing-Shenzhen high-speed highway and railway on its east, and 350KM to Tianjin port, The raw materials of resource is abundant.The company Furfural is produce use continuous distillation technology, the product’s quality is high-class of GB1926.1.2-88 China government standard, partial index are higher than the quality index of QUAKER OTAS Company , the products were reputable by Japan and France clients etc.


The Furfuryl Alcohol adopts normal pressure meteorological hydrogenation and continuous distillation technology, the product’s quality ranks the first in China, through many assays' contrast, the quality has exceeded the standard of the Finland ROSTNLOW Company.

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